Brandon and
Cheryl-Annette Parker


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Drawing of Cheryl-Annette and Brandon While in preschool, Cheryl-Annette became interested in drawing and painting. Over the years, she has dabbled in various forms of art including oil painting, cake decorating, beadwork, and music. Although she does not do as much art as she would like, she still enjoys it as a hobby.

Science and Engineering

SRBL In college, Cheryl-Annette decided to learn more about computers. Initially she thought, "It won't hurt me to learn a little about computer programming." This seemingly small choice led to a major in computer science, a minor in electronics, a job maintaining five computer labs, summer internships at the National Solar Observatory, a masters in computer engineering, employment as a software developer, and finally to her current job as a systems engineer.

Clubs and Organizations

Byzantine Chess Cheryl-Annette and Brandon actually met through the UNT Chess Club. At the time, she was the president of the club and was actively trying to recruit members. Brandon joined and soon worked his way into the position of club secretary. Over the next several years, the two learned they worked well together, and Brandon helped Cheryl-Annette found the Council of Engineering Organizations, lead the student branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and run several engineering career fairs. Cheryl-Annette has continued to be active in organizations and is a member of the aviation and ham radio clubs where she works.


Cheryl-Annette enjoys learning and having the opportunity to share knowledge and ideas with others. A few years ago, she had the chance to teach an introductory class of American Sign Language at her church. She's also been involved as a Girl Scout troop leader, a substitute teacher, a college Teaching Assistant, and volunteered with citezenship and ESL classes. She does not plan on becoming a teacher by trade, but she does hope that she will continue to explore God's creations and have the opportunity to share the joy of life-long learning with others.